Maximising Battery Performance

We get lots of questions asking for ways to improve battery performance and maximise battery life before a replacement is needed! To start with, you can always check battery health in Settings > Battery > Battery Health and a percentage will appear, anything under 90% could do with a replacement however it is entirely up to you. To view Apple’s official tips, click here.

View Battery Usage Information

Head to Settings > Battery and view graphs and information regarding the cause of battery drain, it may be a game running in the background or even Facebook.

Disable Background App Refresh

To improve battery life, you can turn off the feature that allows apps to refresh in the background. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and select Wi‑Fi, Wi‑Fi & Mobile Data, or Off to turn off Background App Refresh entirely. This will often improve battery life drastically, as apps often refresh in the background looking for new information and sending you notifications, you can put a stop to this.

Disable Background Location

Some apps will be using your location in the background when overall they do not need it. For example, a game using your location may be draining your battery. You can optimise your battery life by turning off Location Services for the app. Turn off in Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

Get a replacement

These are only some tips and much more can be done to preserve battery life. However there is only one main factor to make it feel brand new again which is a replacement. Fix My Mobile Bedford have performed loads of battery replacements and even includes onsite iPhone repair in the Bedford area. To start your repair and view prices, click here.