Glass Back Repairs

After almost a year we’ve decided to start introducing iPhone Back Glass Repairs starting soon. iPhone 8 and above have glass backs and are easily damaged and when you need yours repaired, we’ve got your back. Unfortunately we cannot provide this repair onsite but a collection service is available.

How does it work?

Firstly, your phone will be disassembled to ensure all parts are safe during the removal. Next your phone will be placed into a glass back removal machine where the glass back will be removed. Next a technician will select your new glass and install it onto your phone with strong and waterproof adhesive. We may inform you that your phone will need time to set to ensure you get the best repair possible.

Can I borrow a phone?

For sure! As this repair will take longer than most repairs we have a loan phone available which will be easy for you to enter your sim card and use for the duration of the repair. This allows us to contact you once the repair is complete.

What is the price?

Although this isn’t confirmed the price will most likely be £85 which includes parts and labour, as this repair takes much longer.

Changing your colour

You’ll be given the choice of back glass colour and you can change this if you wish to.



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